Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am a US Citizen, I swear !

MIERCOLES 11/21/07

Ride stats
Start time: 8:34 am
Distance: 43.1 miles
Average speed: 19.8 mph
Ride time: 2:10:09
Total ascent: 1560 feet
Average temperature: 62 F

La Rumorosa to Tecate

Today it is a very nice morning since it is our last day in the saddle and we have a “short” 40 mile day ahead. Oatmeal and juice for breakfast prepared by chef Hans was our last meal in Mejico. Getting back to the road from the campsite was an interesting trip since were carrying all of the six bikes outside the car and the car had only a rack for four bikes and room for one rider inside, you do the math.
We started our ride on the Federal Highway and it proved to be a Yankee Doodle day all the way. The paceline was moving fast, it was a very interesting day; Elvis rode with us all the way to Tecate. Our only detour was at a toll booth in which we were forced into the old and dangerous Rumorosa road. After a few rattling miles on it we snuck back into the Federal Highway and made our final descent into Tecate.
After crossing the border without incident we said good bye to Elvis, the chasing dogs, goatheads, Stingrays, Latin Lover and all of those wonderful things that made this trip special. Just like that, no hugs or tears, no crying babies, we finished our ride and went into a grub fest at the local sandwich shop back in the States.

This is not a true account of this ride; it is a testament of the spirit that rode free for six glorious days through potholes, sand, and debris. A spirit that drank beer, ate tacos, got chased by dogs and sang at the wind while the trucks rubbed our sides. One day, this spirit might need to remember what a perfect day feels like, and I’m sure it will smile, just like it did on days like these.

Long live epic rides !

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